Supplemental Instruction Plans


April 2, 2020

Dear Reeds Spring Families, 

As we move into next week, I would like to communicate a change to our instructional support that will take place on Monday, April 6.  We recognize there is a need for additional structure and support on providing supplemental instructional materials for your children while they are at home.  This week our teachers have been working to develop Supplemental Instructional Plans, providing grade-level assignments within recommended timeframes for instruction at home.  Hopefully, these plans will provide more specific direction and guidance on learning opportunities while students are at home during our COVID-19 break.

Beginning Monday, you will be able to access these Supplemental Instructional Plans on our Extended Learning website, by clicking on “Supplemental Plans by Grade” and choosing your child’s building and grade level.  We will also be providing grade-level paper packets of assignments aligned with the weekly plans for those who do not have reliable internet access or would prefer printed materials.  Below is important information regarding these Supplemental Instructional Plans:

  • New Supplemental Instructional Plans will be posted on the website and paper packets will be available on Monday of each week.
  • Instructional activities and plans will focus on Grade Level Priority Standards.
  • Students are encouraged to share completed projects with their teachers through email, SeeSaw, or Class Dojo (K-4) or submitting assignments on Canvas (Grades 5-12).  Assignments may not be graded but some feedback may be provided by the teachers.
  • For grades 7-12, if school does not resume, 3rd Quarter grades may be the final grade for the semester.  Completed work may be used to improve your child’s 3rd quarter grades along with demonstrating learning on 4th quarter skills and concepts.  High School and Middle School students who would like an opportunity to improve their 3rd quarter grade can contact their teacher to develop a plan.    

Weekly paper packets will be available for grades PreK-8 at each of the lunch pick-up locations.  We will also have packets organized by grade level inside the Middle School front entrance lobby from 6:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. on a daily basis.  High School students will be encouraged to contact their teacher for paper resources specific to their class, as needed.

We truly appreciate your understanding and support during this school closure.  As we move closer to the end of the school year, the likelihood of school resuming remains in question.   The importance of providing instructional opportunities for our students is a focus and we understand our partnership with parents and families right now is paramount.  If you have any questions about this Supplemental Instructional Plan, please contact your building administrators or your child’s teacher.

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