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Welcome to the Elementary Music Page! Learn about Elementary Music News, Elementary Singers Information, Music Scoring Guides for grading information,check out 'My Album' for music program and event photos and a little bit about the Elementary Music Teacher, Mrs. Gillen! See the 'My Classes' page for performance dates and Elementary Singers practice dates!

About Mrs. Gillen . . . I have been teaching for many years! Music, reading, and computer skills are a few of the subjects I've taught over the years. Teaching music is a joyful opportunity I utilize to help each student grow and learn. My husband and two sons are a true blessing. Two cute cats and new kitten are also a part of my family. We love animals! It is my great pleasure to help young people learn new skills and gain self-confidence. Music class can do that by making learning connections with math, reading, history, science and writing through creative, high-level thinking music activities. I look forward to working with your child and you!
The Arts Helping Animals....New Music Learning and Creating Opportunities:

     This is the second year of Reeds Spring Elementary School students and Reeds Spring Animal Shelter partnering to help animals! Elementary music students have been invited to create a musical composition, musical instrument and/or kitten/puppy structure (that fits into a Walmart bag). This is a project to be complete outside music class, if a student is interested. Students will share their structure, written music or instrument in music class, receive a note award and have a photo of student holding their project posted on Mrs. Gillen’s web page. Each project will be shared with shelter animals and staff!

      RSES students have been challenged to create 'Cat or Critter Musical Compositions' and 'Found Sound Musical Instruments' for the shelter animals to listen to while they are playing and resting. The instruments may be used to accompany a student's original composition. Found sound instruments that recycle common household items are preferred. The only music composition guidelines are to make all compositions appropriate for school.
     RSES students have also been asked to create 'Kitten or Critter Structures' for shelter animals to play on. There are two Structure Guidelines: 1. Structures must fit into an average Walmart plastic bag. 2. Structures must be safe for animals. Recycling and 'Out of the Box' thinking are encouraged! All animal structures, songs,and instruments will be photographed and displayed on the Album portion of the elementary music website. RSES students and I are excited to make positive contributions in our community!


Performance Dates:

Our 4th Grade Veterans Celebration is a heartfelt tribute to our Veterans and the USA. Date/time TBA.  After this program experience, we hope you will be proud to be an American!

Our 3rd Grade Music Showcase is scheduled for December 2017 at 6:00 PM. The dress rehearsal & show details will be announced. Call (417)272-1735 ext. 3134, if you have questions.

Our 2nd Grade Spring Showcase is scheduled in March 2018 time TBA.
Congratulations to all elementary students on their focused efforts in preparing our musical showcases!
Elementary Singers Practice & Performance Information:

Elementary Singers Practice Dates

2017-18 Practice Dates:

2017-18 Practice Dates:

Tuesday, September 19, 2017        

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tuesday, January30, 2018

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tuesday, October  24, 2017


Tuesday, November 14, 2017






* Nursing Home Performance-TBA

**A March Golden Friends Performance- to be announced

Practices are held in the elementary music room until 4:00 PM. Singers are picked up in the elementary's main hall by the music/art rooms. 

Elementary Singers Performance Dates: October-TBA-Area Nursing Home; March -TBA- Golden Friends Performance. It's been a great year of singing with great students! Thank you to singers, parents and staff who've helped to make it a wonderful year of music making!


     What an exciting, musical school year your second grader has in store! This year your child will continue to learn new skills and concepts to form the foundation for a lifetime of musical expression and enjoyment!

     Your child will be learning more about beat, rhythm, and melody including the pitches mi and so. We will also explore loud and soft sounds and the tone colors of different instruments. You can help your child discover these and other aspects of music in many ways, from attending concerts or providing private lessons to singing, dancing, or listening to your favorite music at home.

     I am here to help you help your child find his or her place in a musical world. Producing a music program at school requires a lot of work and many extra hands. Thank you for whatever assistance you can offer this year—be it at home, at school or both. Together we can create a musical learning experience for your child that will enrich his or her life for many years to come!


     This year, your child will be participating in a music class designed to foster lifelong appreciation of music through active music making. The sequenced music instruction will help your child develop musical skills and understanding, using music of various styles from the United States and around the world. In addition to developing specific musical skills, your child’s studies in other areas will be enhanced by instruction that links concepts across the curriculum.

     Your child will also have opportunities to participate in theme-based music making. Some themes include American music, world music, friends, families, self-esteem, storytelling, instrument playing, choral singing, seasons and celebrations. Your child will be involved in classroom and school-wide performances. You will be invited to attend or volunteer to assist with these performances.

     You can also reinforce your child’s music learning at home. Consider listening to music together and talking about it. Ask your child to share songs learned in music class. Attend local concerts to help foster appropriate audience behavior. These experiences will help make music meaningful at school, at home, and in the community!


     Your fourth grader is heading for an exciting musical school year! This year your child will continue to learn new skills and concepts to form the foundation for a lifetime of musical expression and pleasure.

     Students will learn about beat, rhythm, pitch, melody and meter signatures. Your child will also learn about melodies and will be able to recognize phrases and forms in songs from around the world. You can help your child explore aspects of these concepts by singing rounds like “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” together. Attending concerts and listening with your child to different types also reinforces key concepts. Share your favorite songs with your child, discussing how the melodies move and down and how there are sounds and silences in the rhythm.  Playing an instrument, clapping and tapping with the music can reinforce the concept of rhythm and beat.

     Above all, have fun with your child! Enjoying music is something that goes beyond the classroom. The musical education your child receives in school and at home will enrich his or her life for many years to come. Thank you for whatever assistance you can offer this year to make your child’s musical experience the richest it can be!